We believe that your dream to study abroad should be totally worth the investment.

You’re here because you know you deserve better. You’re ready to chase a bright future, adventure, and your once in-a-life-time opportunity to become an international student. You aim for international work experience, and want to get hired in places that will welcome your qualifications with open arms. You crave for quality international courses that would increase your chances of employment in large multinationals. But you have no idea where to start. You look up opportunities on the internet but the huge number of study options and confusing application processes leave you exhausted. Well, now that we’ve found each other, it’s time to get down to business.


get the facts

Lets address those fears that you have

Maybe you are thinking “I don’t have the money to finance my education in a country like Canada or the UK”  or “I am not sure if a degree from abroad will be worth the investment” Hold up, fellas! Let’s look at the cold-hard facts


89% of international students work part time to support themselves


$7.4 billion dollars are awarded to students in scholarships every year


71% employers say they prefer candidates with international experience

And guess what? SAT and GRE scores matter more than GPA when competing for scholarships! (so you still have time to make an impression!)


  • Have no idea where and how to apply right now
  • Are bombarded with confusing application processes and different university requirements   
  • Don’t know if you will be able to get a job after the completion of your course
  • Feel totally lost with your study abroad goals and what you want to achieve overall in your education and career…


You’re happy cramming class notes, ditching classes because attendance doesn’t count, graduating to join a company just because it happened to match your degree, living by your salary. Sounds comfy, right?

Nopes. We want you to raise your bar.   

You have that craving to get a degree that lands you a promising career. One that is far more credible, and earns you A LOT more because YOU DESERVE IT. You have the desire to sit in world-class institutions, learn the latest business trends, join excellent workforce, and keep up with the world. 

We believe that you should get to choose an international program that paves your way to a profitable career. Nothing less than that.You deserve access to a variety of courses that match you, your personality, and your likes and taste. We believe that you should have the freedom to design your own career-oriented degree path abroad that leads to a life full of purpose! Yes, we want you to jump out of your bed every morning all readied for the day because you are simply in love with your career. And we believe that as an ambitious, go-getting person, you have the power to plan out that profitable degree that lands you the career you want… And guess what?


meet your mentors


We are Moizza, Rija & Hafsah. We’ve studied abroad on 100% scholarships in the USA in 2016 and 2017.

We’ve studied at Stanford, Creighton University, and New Mexico Highlands University. 

Our team has research papers that have made it to Harvard University’s 2018 Ways of Knowing Conference.

We have presented papers at two conferences in Thailand, organized by the Tomorrow People Organization and one of us even has a distinction in research and writing.

Plus, we’ve won 7 fully funded scholarships.

Before our study abroad ventures, we had been just as uninspired by our lives as you are right now. We wanted to know the scope of our fields of study.

But that only made college admission counsellors frown. After graduating college, we realized that we weren’t as cool or accomplished as we thought we were. The career market was highly competitive, people had far more in-demand skills than we had, and that getting experience required experience (crazy!). Even those of our friends who graduated from the best of colleges weren’t valued for their worth in the international market. Multinational companies preferred international experience. 



We went hunting for study abroad opportunities. We found that the whole search process was just so confusing. We would go to different websites and be bombarded with so many different universities to choose from, and so many different programs and application processes that we would just close our laptop.

SO we tied together careers and courses. We decided we wanted to earn more so we researched in-demand careers of the future. Then we invested in international, globally-recognized programs in those subjects. Meanwhile, many of our friends even earned on the side to gather credible work experience. When we came back, we already had the international exposure that multinational companies prefered. We joined employers who were simply WOW-ed by our qualifications and we already knew we’d be earning x4 the salary!

We worked towards our goal: get a degree or do a professional course from a top-notch, internationally recognized institution. Moizza got fully-funded scholarships to join the Stanford International Honors Program in 2016 and Creighton University, 2017. Rija got a full-ride to New Mexico Highlands University, USA in 2017. Working on the side helped us both pay the bills and travel to 10 states in the USA!

That’s how it worked for us and for the rest of the hard working international students at our universities. We knew our goal from the beginning, so we graduated not just with peace of mind, but also high-paying careers because we had the international study + work experience we designed for ourselves!



At Gogetters, we want to grow a thriving community of go-getters, dreamers, and high-achievers!

But let’s be real, this isn’t about us, girl – it’s about YOU. And now that our friendship is official, we’re ready to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams faster than you ever thought possible.

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Join our community of go-getting students. Our popular online programs are specific to all fields of study. You will learn step-by-step how to get into highly competitive courses in 4 high-demand career fields in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Turkey etc. Those fields are:

Engineering & IT
Arts & Media

These programs are the ones that students from all over the world want to enroll in. But nobody picks the career-oriented end. That’s why we’ve got your back. We have a fine selection of top careers over the next 10 years that will be highly demanded in each of these fields over the next 10 years. So while others will compete over mundane courses, you will compete for the ones that are directly related to building an excellent foundation for you.
We will guide you step-by-step through the university selection process - the best (and cheapest!) ones in your field of studies - and the most demanded careers that they correspond with. We will teach you how to stand out in your application and network with colleagues. We will teach you the highly employable and in-demand careers, the best countries to acquire them from, and the international degrees you require to get those.


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I want to know which country will be best for me and what is the perfect study abroad course in my field

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I want guidance about scholarships and whether a degree from abroad will be worth the investment

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I want to know how I can convince my parents regarding studying abroad


Their stories of conquering the 9-5 grind, overcoming their fears and resiliently following their entrepreneurial dreams will inspire you to your core.

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You’ll learn the 3 steps to choose and apply to a  study abroad program so you can get a job anywhere in the world! But hurry, this masterclass won’t be around forever.